Life is full of turning points

The moment you sign on the dotted line of your first home. The way you choose to safeguard your family’s future. Or the steps you take towards the retirement you’ve always dreamed of. But whether you’re creating wealth, protecting wealth, or enjoying wealth, the destination is always the same; financial security, for yourself and your loved ones. And Wealthpoint can help you get there.

Our business is part of a co-operative owned by a network of 50 businesses.

The Wealthpoint co-operative provides its members with the tools and support they need to grow their business, so they can focus on growing your wealth.

A trusted nationwide network of financial advisers.

Our network of almost 150 advisers cover the main areas impacting your financial security. From protecting your assets, health and income, to investments and buying a home. And as local business-owners with the backing of a national engine, Wealthpoint advisers can meet your unique needs with leading solutions.

Everyone’s journey is different and we’re here to help you take the right turns.

Offering the advice and guidance you need to make life’s biggest financial decisions with confidence. And helping you in your journey to wealth, whatever point you’re at today.